Old Fashion Peach 3Gal

A very high octane sweet peach drink

shared by: Jim

Category : Country Wines

Variety : Peach

Yeast : Lalvin - EC-1118


10-15 lbs. Sugar 15+ lbs. of Peaches 2-4 Lemons Pectic Enzyme Yeast Nutrient 4 lbs. White Raisins 2 packs Yeast Potassium Metabisulfite Potassium Sorbate Bentonite 1 gal 80 proof Alcohol (optional)

Target Values:

Fermentation Temp: 68 °F
Starting Sugar: 25 Brix
pH (Must): 3.3
EndSugar Sugar: 1 SG


Day one 1. Place Fruit (cut and peeled) in straining bag and add all to primary. 2. Add sugar until Specific Gravity is 1.100 to 1.110. 3. Bring 1 gallon of water to boil and dissolve 4 lbs. (amount needed to bring water to 1.100) of the sugar in the water. 4. Remove from heat, add 1 gallon of cool water and pour into primary. 5. Allow to cool to room temp (70-75°F) 6. Test pH and adjust to 3.3 with lemons. a. Cut lemons and Squeeze into primary. 7. Add Pectic Enzyme, Yeast Nutrient and Energizer. 8. Wait 24 hours. 9. Pitch Yeast and cover with air lock. --------------------------------------- Day 2-3 (approx.) Stir and punch down cap once daily and track specific gravity to ensure fermentation. When specific gravity reaches 1.040 or less, add 3 lbs. more sugar. ----------------------------------------------- Day 4-7 (approx) Continue to stir and punch down cap once daily and track specific gravity. When specific gravity goes below 1.000 add 4 lbs of raisins. Seal up with airlock and let sit for 14 days. Light fermentation will begin again and a new cap will form. The airlock will protect must. --------------------------------------- Day 21 (approx) Specific gravity should be close to 1.000 (give or take a little). Alcohol will be 16+ percent depending on fruit starting brix and amount of sugar added. Rack into secondary. Add Campden (or Sulfite) and Sorbate. Optional: At this point can fortify with alcohol. --------------------------------------- Day 35 (approx) Add Bentonite and rack for clearing. ------------------------------------- Repeat racking every 30+ days until clear

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